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Welcome to “Excellent Men Fellowship” online community in Jesus name. We are glad you are here! This is a fellowship of men who believe in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, hope for eternal life through faith in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are “Redeemed” Men going to Heaven and invites you to join us on this glorious journey. We longed to share fellowship with one another and help each other as the Lord grants us opportunity. Our core value is ‘EXCELLENCE’. Excellence not only in the kingdom business but also excellence in our professional and family life. You can know more about us and get involve in our activities.
The current challenges facing men in the Church are spiritual, economic, social, marital etc. These challenges are keeping men far from God and the Church. Some of the complaints from the women, who are their wives, have gotten to the General Overseer of the Mission, Daddy E.A. Adeboye. He, therefore, directed that a forum should be established where men can be brought together to proffer Godly solutions to these challenges.

THE MISSION STATEMENT Redeemer’s Men Fellowship is a Christ- oriented ministry for men, by men who through the gospel of Jesus Christ emphasizes the Biblical importance of family, encourage personal growth, and reach out through love, prayer and fellowship.

SCOPE From the Mission statement, it is obvious that “the Man” in church is the focus. He functions in different capacities in life.

For example.:

  1. The Man as a Father
  2. The Man as a Husband
  3. The Man as the Breadwinner
  4. The Man as the Spiritual head of his family
  5. The Man and his spiritual walk
  6. The Man and his finances
  7. The Man and his health.

Given the broad spectrum of these functions, it is obvious that virtually every man is involved. It means the Fellowship is for every married man irrespective of his age.